Bioprocess Science

Analytical Chemist

Waterloo, Ontario
Work Type: Full Time


ALT TEX is a seed stage biomaterials startup, on a mission to create the world’s most sustainable fabrics through our ALTernative TEXtile innovation. Through our proprietary biotechnology, we’re taking one of the world’s largest landfill contributors – food waste – and re-engineering it into biodegradable and carbon neutral fabrics with polyester-like performance.

Today, our small team has successfully created the food-to-fibre prototype, secured pilot agreements worth $1M and locked in over $2M in funding with the support of Canada’s top accelerators like Creative Destruction Lab, Velocity and NEXT Canada. Now, we’re looking to grow our team of impact-driven innovators as we prepare for commercialization.


If you’re interested in joining our mission, you may already know that by 2050, the fashion industry is expected to account for a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Leading this environmental footprint with over 7 million tons of annual landfill waste is polyester – a fabric that makes up 60% of the clothes we wear. At ALT TEX, you'll be Joining us in leading the change with the next generation of highly sustainable and radically ethical textiles.


The Analytical Chemist will contribute to the ALT TEX fibre development research by playing an intersectional role between the Bioprocess Science and Polymer Chemistry divisions through purification and analysis of products. The role will report to the Research Lead and will work closely with the research team to conduct literary and lab-based R&D and analysis.

  • Perform analytical testing using advanced HPLC, NMR, FTIR, GPC, LC-MS, GC and other techniques as required
  • Work with Bioprocess and Polymer Scientists to develop and execute procedures to separate, purify and analyze complex samples with unidentified impurities
  • Work with team to conduct separation chemistry experiments (filtration and purification) with a focus on techniques such as Liquid-liquid extraction, gravity chromatography, distillation, precipitation, and/or electrodialysis approaches.
  • Analyze and organize complex data from Bioprocess Science and Bioprocess Science teams
  • Perform method development and prepare standards, reagents, and solvents for experiments
  • Prepare reports identifying samples, explaining testing methods, documenting findings, and outlining conclusions of analyses
  • Perform routine maintenance and calibration of equipment and daily quality control testing of analytical methods
  • Complete product quality, and production yield evaluations and implement continuous improvement practices
  • Support day-to-day research operations including material tracking/ordering and organizing lab activity and workplans
  • Other cross-functional work in sample purification, data analysis, etc. alongside Bioprocess and Polymer Chemistry team


You’re an impact and sustainability focused innovator who wants to use their talent for massively scalable change. You’re a risk taker ready to immerse yourself in an incredibly fast-paced and dynamic team, in a position that offers rapid job growth opportunity. You’re an innovative thinker and want to bring bold ideas to the table where you can supercharge them to fruition.

Your background
& experience:

  • Master’s degree or higher in related Chemistry fields (e.g. Analytical chemistry, Process Chemistry, Separation/Purification Science, Inorganic/Organic Chemistry with analytical chemistry experience, etc)
  • 2+ years in lab setting with hands-on experience in use (compound analysis) and method development of equipment such as HPLC, NMR, Gas Chromatography, Gel Permeation Chromatography, FTIR, mass spectrometry, and/or LC-MS
  • Experience in separation and purification techniques such as liquid-liquid extractions, gravity chromatography (e.g. ionic exchange), crystallization, distillation (general and reactive), precipitation, ultrafiltration, sedimentation, electrodialysis, etc.
  • Additional experience with differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, and other material testing standards for the analysis of synthesized polymer is preferred (training available).

skills & attributes:

  • Entrepreneurial: you’re highly independent with the ability to self-drive fast-paced projects with extreme resourcefulness and speed
  • Innovative and analytical: you’re a big picture, out of the box thinker who is always questioning the norm and approaches problem solving with disruptive thinking
  • Impact oriented: you’re out to change the world and your work means more to you than a 9-5
  • Action oriented: you’re a leader and self-starter who makes things happen without the need for significant structure or delegation


Job title: Analytical Chemist

Terms: Permanent, full time

Compensation: $58,000 - $75,000 or commensurate with experience

Location: Waterloo, Ontario

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